Net3 Conductor

Net3 Conductor

Stay in tune with your system

Net3 Conductor provides every networked lighting system with advanced features and services. With the ability to store usage information, error status and system configuration for every part of your lighting system, Conductor puts all of your system data at your fingertips. It also provides network services for all devices, which reduces configuration time when new pieces are introduced to the system.

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Net3 Conductor

Don't get caught in the dark. If an issue arises with your lighting equipment, Conductor sends you an automated alert (via text message or email) to check the system, so you can fix the problem before show time. Conductor stores the status files from all ETC products, so they can be viewed even after issues are corrected.

You can also back up all of your system configurations to Net3 Conductor, so you have them later. With simple backup and storage for Sensor3 power control systems, DMX/RDM Gateways and Net3 Concert, Conductor means your configurations are always close at hand.

Conductor also provides services over your network for Automatic IP assignment (DHCP), Network Time (NTP/sNTP) and more. It ensures that your system is always in sync, and that when you add a new device to the system, it is ready to communicate over the network without configuration.

Net3 Conductor

Product Features

  • Automated error alerts via text, email and others
  • Error and status logging for an entire system
  • LCD screen for system status
  • FTP file transfer and storage
  • Windows File Sharing (SMB) for file backup and storage
  • Network services for
    • Dynamic Address Assignment (DHCP)
    • Network Time (NTP/sNTP)
    • File Transfer (FTP)