Response Analog IO Gateway

Response Analog I/O Gateway

ETC’s Response Analog IO Gateway is the ultimate integration aid. With 12 analog inputs and 12 relay outputs, it has the power to integrate with a large selection of devices. Its integrated network port supports a wide range of industry-standard protocols including UDP, ACN, and sACN. In addition to third-party integration it speaks natively to Eos consoles, Unison Paradigm, or Unison Mosaic systems.

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The Response Analog IO Gateway combines the advanced lighting control of ETC’s systems with external AV or building management systems. The 12 analog inputs accept contact closures or 0-10V control signals. Its 12 relay outputs make it ideal for architainment installations, activating audio systems, projectors and more from lighting system triggers. Plus, the pilot-duty rating on the outputs means they can be used to control external contactors allowing for additional integration options.

The Response Analog IO Gateway is completely configurable via ETC’s Net3 Concert software and can be powered over 24V power or PoE. 

Product Features

  • 12 analog inputs and relay outputs
  • Talks to Eos, Paradigm, and Mosaic systems
  • Utilizes three different protocols: UDP, ACN, sACN
  • Wet or dry inputs
  • Normally open and normally closed outputs
  • Pilot duty rating for outputs
  • Available in DIN and rackmount form factor