• ColorSource CYC

    ColorSource CYC     This dedicated cyclorama fixture was designed by ETC color specialists to create smooth, beautiful washes of light. The five color mix of the ColorSource® CYC includes red, green, blue, indigo, and lime, in order to give an incredible range of colors at an affordable price. Easy to set up; easier to control. Your cyclorama finally gets the attention it deserves. Learn More →  

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    • Consoles

      Mix colors, master your moving lights, run effects and control multimedia - all with the flick of a fader. Learn more → 

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    • Fixtures

      Light up your venue with truer colors and brighter beams with ColorSource RGB-L luminaires. Learn more →

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    • Power Controls

      Transmit data to every corner of your venue with the wireless ColorSource Relay. Learn more → 

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