ColorSource Lighting Fixtures

  • Affordable can be rich

    ColorSource fixtures offer incredible output, stunning colors, and perfect dimming at an affordable price. From middle schools to opera houses, and from houses of worship to large-scale, immersive architectural installations, ColorSource is the natural choice when budgets are modest but expectations are high.

  • Color Integrity

    ColorSource Color Integrity

    ColorSource luminaires are factory-calibrated to ensure consistency. They feature a four-color mixing system offering bright, vibrant colors and perfectly-mixed pastels.

    The thermal management algorithms built into every ColorSource fixture ensure that the colors you choose in rehearsal are the colors you get during the show.

    The Right Recipe

    ColorSource Spot, PAR and Linear are available with three different array options:

    ColorSource Original Icon


    Warm pastels and hues
    to enhance skin tones  

    Deep Blue Icon

    Deep Blue

    Deep, saturated blues
    and magentas 

    Pearl Icon


    Variable white
    from 2700-6500K 

    The Right Recipe

    ColorSource Spot, PAR and Linear are available with three different array options:

    Low power, long life

    Fewer watts for greater output means less energy consumption and a higher number of luminaires per circuit.

    Lower power also means lower heat, which means a longer, brighter life. ETC obsesses over every detail, ensuring that the fixture you buy today will still be lighting amazing shows for years to come.

    The fade is everything

    If there is one thing the audience understands, it is fade quality. It starts the show and it ends the show. It is comedy and it is tragedy. It is isolation and it is revelation.

    ColorSource luminaires’ advanced fade engine knows when you mean to fade, and when you want an instant snap – all with only a single 8-bit control channel.

    MyETC: Photometrics

    Photometrics AppFull photometric and color information on ETC’s entire range.

    Download MyETC: Photometrics and take the guesswork out of your design.

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    Built to last

    "But how long will the LEDs last?" We take this question seriously. In industry speak, it's the L70 number.

    Whether it is an IES-approved LM-84 or LM-80 plus in-situ test, independent test agencies confirm that what we've built will stand up to the ultimate test: the test of time. With ratings between 54,000 and 60,000+ hours, ColorSource fixtures will shine for the long haul.

    We put our money our mouth is. Most LED luminaire manufacturers offer a 2-year limited warranty. ETC offers a 5-year warranty onthe entire fixture, and an astonishing 10-year warranty on the LED array.

    A la mode

    ColorSource fixtures have multiple DMX modes to ensure that you always have the control you need.

     Mode Array options Channels Notes
    Direct (colored arrays) Original, Deep Blue Intensity, Red, Green, Blue, Lime, Strobe Ideal for consoles with the advanced color controls found in Eos and Cobalt.
    Direct (variable white) Pearl Intensity, Warm White, Cool White, Strobe Ideal for fine-tune control of each white
    5-channel Original, Deep Blue Intensity, Red, Green, Blue, Strobe Simple color control. Lime is automatically interweaved as you mix to provide the fullest spectrum possible. Don't worry - we do the hard math! 
    RGB Original, Deep Blue Red, Green, Blue Compact mode, ideal for replacement of older RGB lights without re-addressing.
    1-channel Original, Deep Blue, Pearl Controls the intensity of Preset 1 Ideal for receiving/road houses with advance "gel" information.
    Color Temperature Pearl Intensity, Color Temperature Intelligently translates color temperature in kelvin to emitter levels. Ideal for simple studio control.

    Designed for camera

    LED luminaires have a reputation for flickering on camera. ColorSource fixtures feature a 25kHz flicker-free mode to stop video scanlines in their tracks. Even cameras without a rolling shutter benefit, especially at high shutter speeds.

    Support 24/7/365

    Lights are things, and sometimes things break (although not very often in the case of ColorSource fixtures). If it’s not working, or you think maybe it’s not working – or you just don’t know how to make it work, get in touch. We’re available around the clock, around the globe. We’ll help you get back to creating art.

    All ColorSource luminaires are manufactured by ETC employee-owners in Middleton, WI, USA.