Lighting Fixtures

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    High End Systems has pioneered the advancement of automated lighting technology for over thirty years.
    HES' latest innovations bring modern efficiency to the timeless performance
    and ingenuity in our legendary products. Ready to take your light show to a new level?
    We've got the tools.

    Sola Series Comparison Chart


    SolaFrame Landing page image


    Framing shutters have long been a popular feature in conventional lighting, but now are a potent design tool for automated lighting. Our Frame Series offers this versatile feature in a full range of output options.

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    SolaSpot Landing page image


    The total FX package. Our family of automated spot luminaires all feature our bright white LED source plus the beautiful colors and stunning effects you've come to expect.

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    SolaWash & SolaPix

    Creating a beautiful color wash is a prerequisite for the modern lighting designer. To address this fundamental need, we offer a wide range of LED-based automated wash luminaires for every application and budget.  

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    SolaHyBeam landing page image


    No need to choose between spot and wash luminaires - our SolaHyBeam series fixtures bring an unprece-dented and spectacular array of hard edge, soft edge and aerial effects - all from a single fixture.  

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    High End Systems' Effects Series is designed for the LD who needs their meat and potatoes, but is also hungry for something new. TurboRay, QUAD, and SolaPix are each designed to bring unique looks not seen a thousand times before, giving designers bold new twists on classic effects lighting and beyond.

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    High End's lighting families have something for every need, with punchy beams,
    saturated washes, and spectacular effects. All come with superior color and responsive
    design, making sure designers get the look they need every time.