Van Bridges

Date Posted: 3/11/2021

Van Bridges

Van Bridges , Lighting Designer/Programmer – owner Headline Productions. Tame Impala, Guinness Book of World Records 2017 Largest Laser Show, SYML Tour, Pond Tour
“I learned how to program on a Hog in 2010, trained by Alex Soto of ILIOS Lighting Design. Since the introduction of the Hog 4 I have been using all models, from Hog PC to Hog 4-18. Headline Productions has chosen to invest in the Hog platform as it is a solid desk with an amazing technical support team at HES. I also have a few tours out currently that carry a Hog PC, DMX Processor 8000 and a time code unit with no LD, which I program on the Road Hog 4.

The ease and speed set the Hog 4 apart from the rest. I love the form factor of the Road Hog 4 as it’s light and compact. The Effects Engine is the strongest part of the desk. I love how it all works in a spreadsheet so you can see everything you’re working on all at once to create complex effects that use multiple parts of a fixture. The Plot View is also huge in this regard as well. Not only is the Plot View super quick and simple, it makes getting an accurate fixture selection order a breeze.

With the HES system I have been able to create operator-less shows using a master Time Code list. It holds comment macros to turn on and off Time Code in other lists as well as changes Pages and releases/ asserts Lists and so on, so a set list can be changed every night with a seamless lighting show.”