Dennis Bruynseels

Date Posted: 3/26/2021

Light Designer/w at Nox Lights

"Five years ago I was introduced to the Hog4 system and loved it ever since. I’m working on basically all the consoles in the range and own the most compact one; the HedgeHog4. I choose this smallest console as my own for its size and weight. In my opinion it’s as strong as the bigger consoles in the range, but it easy to cary around and does the job! Sometimes I add a touchscreen or wing when necessary, but most of the time I use it as is. I love that the Hog’s learning curve is very short, it’s really easy to use, straight forward and I love the approach to controlling lights. Hog is not just a console, it’s a constantly evolving product which follows trends, demands and wishes from the field. Therefore, it always opens up new ways for controls and makes life easier. I use my own Hog for touring with bands and have a Full Boar4 and Roadhog4 available at a couple of venues around for entertainment and coorporate shows. "