Daniel - Joseph ‘Gordo’ Gordon

Date Posted: 3/10/2021

Daniel-Joseph ‘Gordo’ Gordon

Daniel-Joseph ‘Gordo’ Gordon, LD/Programmer: Paul Kelly, Boy & Bear, Ball Park Music, Amity Affliction, INXS, Pnau, Cog. Australian tours for Kendrick Lamar, Carole King, N*E*R*D, A Tribe Called Quest, Bodycount, Madness
"I have used the Hog platform for about 18 years. I learned on the Hog 1000 before graduating to the Hog 3 many years later and jumping across to the Hog 4 on its launch. I like the simplicity of the operating system itself; while it's a very powerful OS, it doesn't require delving into a series of sub-menus to achieve complex programming. The Effects Engine is a great example of this - I can very easily and quickly create effects across any chosen parameter. The straightforward views and editing of fade/delay times and offsets allows for some really interesting 'bumps' and effects to easily created. Comment Macros are also an invaluable tool I could not do without, for which I have Benoit Richard to thank for first exposing me to them. "