• Congo® jr Master Playback Wing

    For those times when you need quick access to channel faders or multiple cue lists, the Congo jr Master Playback Wing is just the thing. 

  • With its 40 faders and master keys, the Master Playback Wing provides physical access to Master Playbacks, including the LCD displays for labeling and all master, flash and paging keys. Additionally, the Wing can be switched into Direct Select Mode, providing access to the 40 direct selects. It also features the Channels-Only/Masters/Jam switch, giving you all the flexibility of the Congo console in a significantly smaller footprint.

    The Master Playback Wing is a modular accessory for Congo and Congo jr lighting control consoles. It may be used as a stand-alone wing connected to either console with a provided USB cable, or when using Congo jr it may be physically connected to either side of the desk. An external power supply, provided, is required when used stand-alone.

    The Master Playback Wing is ideal for broadcast and studio applications where quick manual lighting is required; and school and worship venues where less technically skilled staff need to be able to easily change lighting without keystroke-command knowledge. It's also recommended for use whenever Congo jr is serving as backup console to a Congo, and fader access is paramount. Modularity allows the user to employ the Wing during show setup or programming and then remove it conveniently when it is no longer required for playback.

  • Congo jr Master Playback Wing

    Congo jr Master Playback Wing product