Ceiling High Bay Sensor

Ceiling / High Bay Occupancy Sensor

The MOS sensor is a wireless, self-powered vacancy/occupancy sensor for rooms, offices, and high-bay locations. On a full charge, the solar-energized PIR sensor will operate for 225 hours in complete darkness, while the Dual Tech module will operate for 168 hours. Both versions offer excellent transmission range.

The MOS is one of the most technologically advanced sensors in the wireless controls industry. An efficient power supply and tuned-sensor circuitry allow the MOS to provide an immediate response on occupancy states, making it an ideal solution for auto-ON applications.

Advanced features of the new MOS series of sensors:

  • Dual-Tech or PIR-only sensing technologies
  • Range-confirmation LED indicator ensures a reliable connection to the host
  • Solar-energy-harvesting LED indicator for optimal sensor placement
  • Start-assist battery available
  • MOS-DT is available in 902 and 868MHz

The MOS sensors also provide:

  • Options for small motion (1000 sq. ft.) and large motion (1900 sq. ft.)
  • Omnidirectional, 360-degree energy harvesting
  • Operation in low light conditions
  • Walk test features
  • Sensitivity setting to eliminate false triggering
  • Simple tap configuration to establish occupancy timing