Advanced Programmers Group

  • With the evolution of the award-winning Unison® product family, ETC offers the most complete lighting control systems on the market: Unison Paradigm®, Unison Mosaic® and Unison Echo™ as well as our legendary lighting fixtures and LED luminaires, ETC is an industry leader for architectural lighting equipment. This combined with an industry leading comprehensive programming service program for architectural lighting systems means we're taking lighting innovation to the next level.

    The full potential of a lighting system cannot be fully realized without complete knowledge of the equipment's capabilities. While designers know what the lighting needs to look like and how it needs to function to meet unique requirements, they may not have the right tools to achieve their design. The Advanced Programmers Group (APG) uses the best ETC-trained professionals who can help designers, consultants and on-site staff transform artistic ideas a reality. Going beyond system startup and configuration, APG programmers can program lighting systems to do exactly what a designer needs, no matter the size or complexity of the installation. With the APG, ETC offers a truly complete package for architectural lighting projects: from product design and manufacturing through system startup and programming.

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    Advanced Programmers Group Information Sheet
    Advanced Programming Specification