Becoming an Authorized Service Provider

  • Becoming an Authorized Service Provider

    The process of becoming an Authorized Service Provider for ETC begins by completing a series of 7 online classes. They include product overviews and cover some industry basics.

    After you complete these classes including successfully completing the online exam, you may apply to attend a New Technician Training Session at ETC headquarters in Middleton, WI.


    Becoming an ETC Authorized Service Provider means you are among a group of talented technicians and engineers who install and service ETC systems. Being an Authorized Service Provider means you are an extension of ETC.

    This group is held to the same high standards for proficiency and customer service, we hold our employees to.

    To become an Authorized Service Provider, all of the following qualifications must be met:

    • Have a basic understanding of theatrical and/or architectural lighting system technology.
    • Be an employee of an ETC Dealership or ETC Representative agency.
    • Demonstrate proficiency in the following areas:
      • Electronic installation and troubleshooting.
      • Skilled use of tools and the ability to install mechanical components.
      • Create and present instructional curriculum for the systems you install.
      • Provide in depth user level training sessions on all ETC products.
      • Possess excellent troubleshooting skills.
      • Provide exceptional customer service.
    • Own and be able to operate every tool on the ETC Required Technician Tool list.
    • Attend regular required training sessions:
      • New Technician Training
      • Online training and webinars
      • Return to ETC for Recertification training every 2 years
    • Successful completion of a checkride.

    How to register for classes

    1. Register for a MyETC account, or log into your existing MyETC Account

    2. Go to our Course catalog

    3. Choose the Technical Training Prerequisites class.

    There is no charge for this course.

    4. Complete the order process.

    You will be redirected to Learning Stage (ETC’s online education site) and the course will appear in your course list.


    During the training process, we will build on your current skills and provide both substantial training and supporting documentation to prepare you to commission systems and support ETC customers.

    If you have any questions about the process of becoming an Authorized Service Provider, please contact us.