Vienna’s Burgtheater relies on ETC

Date Posted: 1/24/2018


Founded in 1888, and steeped in history, Vienna’s Burgtheater is one of the most prominent German language theatres in the world. Open a remarkable 364 days a year, it boasts a packed programme of premier events, including theatrical performances, readings, cabaret and music shows.

The venue’s vast and varied schedule calls for a lighting system with maximum flexibility. A solution from ETC became the obvious choice: “The Source Four LED Lustr fixtures give me all the colour change options I need,” says Friedrich Rom, head of lighting for both Burgtheater and the Academy Theater. Another significant consideration was noise output: "The Source Four LED fixtures are so quiet, there is almost no noise and, in our acoustically sensitive venue, this is absolutely essential."


Although Rom had been working with ETC products for several years, and was aware of the benefits, a number of comparative tests were undertaken prior to final selection. Originally, several systems were in the running, and all were put through their paces. Later, a committee of seven experts discussed the performance of the fixtures and reached a decision. A number of factors made ETC the clear winner. "Compact design, sophisticated LED technology, quiet operation and an impressive price-performance ratio, were among the key factors,” says Rom. “Also of note were the fixture’s colour rendering capabilities and seamless colour mixing, from pastels through to rich, bold colours.”

In the auditorium, ETC Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr and Daylight luminaires have been installed, ensuring an optimised balance of front and stage lighting. "Remarkably, one of the Source Four fixtures is positioned with a beam distance of about 35 metres to the centre of the stage," says Rom. A distance that is unparalleled in Europe.


Meticulous preparation, by a team of technicians from ETC GmbH in Holzkirchen, helped facilitate a swift conversion. "For a venue like the Burgtheater, service and after-sales service are extremely important – and, in this area, ETC is perfect,” says Rom. “During the final rehearsals for  A Midsummer Night's Dream, we experienced some problems, and an unfortunate chain of events meant we had to replace some equipment, and quickly. Despite it being both holiday time and a weekend, ETC was able to get new fixtures to us overnight – that's exemplary service." The venue’s new lighting system is controlled by ETC Eos family consoles, which have been in operation in the venue for several years.