Technology forum at Chinese theater puts spotlight on ETC products

Date Posted: 12/17/2013

On November 3rd, 2013, hundreds of theater experts gathered at the Kunshan Culture and Art Center in China for the Forum of Technology Development and Theater Applications. The Kunshan Center - a recently-built, state-of-the-art venue - was used as a case study to show the development and trends of modern stage technology. Representatives of ETC and Chinese dealer Hangzhou YiDaShi gave demos of new ETC equipment and talked about the extensive ETC lighting system installed at the theater.

The Kunshan Culture and Art Center recently purchased two Eos lighting-control consoles® lighting-control consoles, a Gio® desk, 18 Sensor3™ power-control racks , 10 SmartBar™ portable dimmers, 74 Source Four Revolution® automated fixtures and 632 conventional Source Four® fixtures . "Only the most professional products could create this brilliant and magnificent stage," says Zhou jichun, the chairman of the theater.

At the forum, Wu jianbo, the CEO of Hangzhou YiDaShi, gave a presentation on the diversity of theater construction and the development and application of stage technology, using recent installations as examples. Wu also demoed the ETC Gio lighting control desk, Source Four LED™ luminaires and Source Four LED CYC™ adapters. "ETC products don't just offer better brightness," he says, "but also energy conservation and high efficiency."