New software for ETC’s ColorSource Relay implements wireless RDM

Date Posted: 5/19/2017

ColorSource Relays

The ColorSource®Relay system kick-started a new era of power control, bringing budget-friendly system infrastructure with data distribution to theaters, houses of worship, schools and community centers. Now the ColorSource Relay is upgrading its simple configuration and wireless performance with the addition of wireless RDM. 

The latest release of the Relay software—version 1.1.0—is available to download and offers venues the ability to add wireless RDM to their ColorSource Relay system. RDM makes the convenient system even simpler to use, letting users identify and address their equipment wirelessly and then configure and monitor it, no matter where it’s placed in the rig. The Relay and ColorSource Transmitter have a 328-foot (100-meter) range and require minimal setup. 

“The ColorSource Relay system was already a ground-breaking tool, but now it’s even more powerful with the addition of wireless RDM,” says Ned Keitt-Pride, power controls product manager. “The ColorSource Relay makes it easy to get DMX, power and the benefits of RDM into remote locations.”

All ColorSource Relay units can be updated to software version 1.1.0. This version of software also includes wireless DMX performance optimization, so it is worth updating even if you do not have RDM enabled fixtures. If you have any difficulty updating the software in your ColorSource Relays, contact ETC technical support for assistance. 

The problem-solving ColorSource Relay offers configuration and control without cords and gives experts and beginners alike the superior ETC control experience.

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