NTGent Elevates Theatrical Experience with ETC Source Four LED Series 3

Date Posted: 6/11/2024

Photos courtesy of NTGent and © Michiel Devijver (Medea’s Kinderen)

Since its establishment in 1965 as the city theatre of Ghent, NTGent has maintained a prominent role in the Flemish theatre scene. The venue delivers high-quality productions that are both artistically challenging and socially relevant, utilizing cutting-edge lighting solutions from ETC.

Operating across two distinct realms, NTGent (also known as Nederlands Toneel Gent) crafts original theatre pieces and hosts external performances at its venues. For their original creations, which frequently tour internationally, NTGent prioritizes a versatile lighting setup capable of adapting to diverse venues worldwide. Conversely, visiting performances rely on more traditional equipment, albeit with a preference for cutting-edge technology.

During a recent interview, Dennis Diels, head of lighting at NTGent, shared insights into the theatre's operations and its decision to integrate ETC lighting technology. Diels emphasized the crucial role lighting plays in shaping the audience's experience and guiding the theatre's procurement strategies.

NTGent operates a lighting equipment replacement program every five years. In the latest evaluation process, the team at NTGent thoroughly explored a range of LED lighting solutions. Working together with consultant Jan Hooyberghs and FACE – a full-service provider for the AV industry – they pinpointed valuable insights from past experiences to assist in their decision-making and enhance future systems. Factors such as dimming curves, color accuracy, and consistency were paramount in their selection criteria.

The ETC Source Four LED Series 3 Lustr X8 stood out as the favored option, earning praise for its outstanding performance and reliability. "We found the Source Four LED fixtures excelled in color fidelity and consistency across fixtures. In particular, the fact that the fixtures are calibrated by ETC, ensuring that future additions will match existing ones in the market, was a significant advantage, alongside their impressive dimming performance,” said Diels.

Robbe Boone, FACE commercial director, added, “It’s great to see that all the unique details of ETC products, which make them unmatched in light-producing quality, are recognized by renowned professionals with expertise in researching the market, and validated through extensive testing.”

As a result of the review process, NTGent made a significant investment in procuring 90 ETC Source Four LED Series 3 fixtures, utilizing financial partner AED Lease. NTGent already had ETC Sensor3 power control racks integrated into its lighting infrastructure, further enhancing the overall control and flexibility of its system.

Tania Lesage, ETC market manager, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "We're thrilled to partner with NTGent in elevating their theatrical productions with our lighting technology. The Source Four LED Series 3 Lustr X8 offers unparalleled performance and reliability, facilitating a seamless and captivating experience for audiences."

Diels concluded: “Since being used consistently over the past three months, the ETC fixtures have satisfied all the critical criteria such as color fidelity, consistency, and dimming performance, firmly establishing their crucial role in shaping our future productions. We frequently had discussions about dimming issues with our previous luminaires, but this is no longer the case. The arrival of our new ETC equipment marks the beginning of an exciting new phase in our theatrical journey.”