Make a seamless transition to LEDs with the GDS by ETC ArcLamp Fade to Warm

Date Posted: 4/4/2018

ArcLamp Fade to Warm

The GDS by ETC ArcLamp LED retrofit lamp is already known for its high-quality light and smooth dimming, but now, with the release of the ArcLamp Fade to Warm option, the incandescent-lighting verisimilitude is complete. ArcLamp was specifically designed for use in auditoriums, where standard, LED retrofit lamps are frequently not up to the task of the smooth fade to black at the start of a performance. With stepless dimming and LED technology that mimics the red-shift of an incandescent lamp, ArcLamp Fade to Warm allows venues to embrace the convenience of LED while maintaining a beautiful, classic look and feel.

“Designing a retrofit LED lamp that dims perfectly has been several years in the making, says product manager Chris Patton. “In producing the Fade to Warm version of the product, we wanted to ensure the audience’s experience of smooth-dimming house lights with a natural, warm decay was not compromised by a change to LED technology.”

ArcLamp Fade to Warm lamps use the same ArcLamp Driver as their counterparts, which can be placed in an electrical room and connected to a building’s existing wiring in place of old dimmer units. This allows venues to easily make the switch to LEDs without invasive rewiring. ArcLamp drivers may be connected directly to your building’s architectural control system, or controlled remotely via wireless ArcMesh network.

With ArcLamp’s easy retrofit installation and smooth, warm dimming, your venue can finally make the jump to LED – and your audience will never know the difference.

GDS by ETC products are only available in North American and Latin American markets. For information about GDS products in other regions, please visit