Learning takes the stage with ETC’s online training portal

Date Posted: 4/5/2016

ETC's online training resource

ETC is always working on new and exciting products - and that means more for end-users to learn. Everyone learns differently, and those who prefer guided courses may have difficulty traveling to in-person training locations. "We've been building our video library over the past several years, but we saw a need for people to be able to participate in more structured training," says Amy Russell, ETC's training program coordinator. With this goal in mind, the company has launched LearningStage , a new online platform that curates video training material into low-cost, guided courses, complete with quizzes and report cards that allow students to really know that they have understood the material.

Signing up is easy. The LearningStage portal can be found in the new 'Online Training' section of the ETC website. Users may log in with an existing MyETC account, or they may create a new account to sign up for courses. In addition to providing access to the training portal, this account also grants access to user forums, white papers, and other helpful information about ETC products.

ETC's online training resource

Current offerings include introductory courses for the Eos® and Cobalt® families and a level two course for Eos. The level one Eos course may be taken in either English or German, and more languages and levels are in development for both console families. In the coming months, Eos certification tests - a continuation of the program that began in 2015 at ETC's CUE professional-development conference in Madison, Wisconsin- will also become available. The certification program is intended to give advanced programmers a benchmark by which they can prove their programming mastery.

"Our goal is to provide the best training resources for any situation," says David Lincecum, ETC's vice president of Marketing, emphasizing that the new platform is intended to supplement - not replace - existing education options. "We remain committed to offering high-quality, in-person training at ETC offices and regional events around the world, and online videos can still be found on YouTube for casual viewing and fast problem solving. LearningStage offers customers a deeper educational experience in an environment where skills can be tested and refined."