LED ArcLamps cast auditoriums in a new light

Date Posted: 3/31/2017

ArcLamp varieties

Auditoriums are not ordinary spaces, and they require more than just ordinary lighting. The newly re-designed ArcLamp from GDS by ETC allows venues to step boldly into an energy-saving future without compromising on aesthetics or audience experience. ArcLamp, like all ArcSystem products, provides high-quality LED lighting that is specifically engineered to fit the needs of auditoriums and performance venues. These compact, 4.4-watt LED lamps are designed to replace traditional, 40-watt light bulbs in a variety of applications, from modern installations to historic chandeliers. ArcLamps are available in 2700K and 3000K color temperatures, medium-screw (E26) and candelabra (E12) bases, and clear and frosted candle and globe forms. Since most shows start with a slow fade to black, ArcLamp’s drivers dim the emitters smoothly all the way to zero.

ArcLamps are perfect for retrofit installations

“ArcLamp is the culmination of years of development to create a retrofit LED lamp solution that doesn’t just provide a good quality of dimming, but a perfect one,” says Chris Patton, ETC’s GDS Product Specialist. “In order to do this, we provide end to end hardware and software ensuring a consistent dimming performance in every installation, every time.”

Retrofits don’t have to be difficult. ArcLamps directly replace old incandescent bulbs without the need to run new cables through the walls or rewire lighting fixtures. Simply install the ArcLamp drivers in place of the existing dimmers in an electrical room, and control your installation using wired DMX or a wireless ArcMesh transmitter. Drivers are available in 150-watt, 350-watt and 700-watt sizes, supporting 25, 60 or 120 individual ArcLamps, respectively.

ArcLamp drivers

Switching to LED houselights can have many benefits, from qualifying a venue for energy-saving incentive programs to reducing maintenance costs. Gone are the days of costly and precarious work calls to change the bulbs in hard-to-reach chandeliers. ArcLamps are rated for 35,000 hours of continuous use, so they will be illuminating your venue for years to come.

Want to calculate the cost and energy savings potential of a retrofit? The free ETC Site Survey app for iOS allows users to input data about their current installations and calculate the projected return-on-investment for switching to an LED solution.