JRLX invests in Lonestar

Date Posted: 4/18/2022

Leading lighting rental company JRLX, Inc. took stock of High End Systems Lonestar fixtures for their rental inventory. Since its introduction in 2021, Lonestar has proven to be a clear market winner for a compact, yet full-featured automated fixture.

JRLX CEO Jason Reberski commented, “For me, the massive feature set coupled with the almost unbelievable size and weight of the Lonestar were the major influencing factors in our purchasing decision. The fixture is just as at-home in a TV studio, theatre, on a concert tour, or at the symphony.”

“The fact that the Lonestar is loaded with versatile gobos, two prisms, frost, animation AND full-curtain framing shutters, along with CMY, linear digital CTO – all in a package smaller than previous generation ‘mini’ fixtures (but with 700W equivalent output) make it one of the most useful fixtures in the JRLX inventory. Almost every JRLX customer will benefit from Lonestar. It is the perfect TV key light, medium-tour aerial fixture, theatrical box boom “framer”, and educational theatre workhouse.”

“Finally, I have known my HES sales rep Paul Hancock for the better part of two decades – and I’m proud to call him a close friend. We often have general ‘lighting geek discussions’, and he has a deep passion for and knowledge of the way lighting instruments are used in the field. The fact that Paul was genuinely impressed by this fixture says a lot. And it’s always wonderful to get to work with your friends!”

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