Event Resource Group Brings Hog OS 4.0 to WWE Trailer

Date Posted: 6/19/2024

Event Resource Group Brings Hog OS

Tampa based Event Resource Group, renowned for cutting-edge lighting designs, successfully completed an impactful and immersive lighting project for the WWE WrestleMania XL Teaser Trailer. The project, which was led by Lighting Designer Marc Reed, was commissioned by Diamond View Studios and filmed at Vu Studios in Tampa and Vu Las Vegas.

Diamond View Studios approached Marc at Event Resource Group with the challenge of creating a lighting design that would work seamlessly within a virtual video studio setting. The goal was to craft a visually stunning yet non-distracting lighting environment that enhanced the immersive experience of the teaser trailer.

Diamond View Studios filmed the promo at Vu Studio Tampa and Vu Las Vegas; their primary objective was to develop a visually captivating lighting design that complements DSR’s virtual video production without overshadowing it.

Event Resource Group Brings Hog OS

Reed explains, “The need for color consistency across various lighting fixtures across multiple video stages required using the most advanced lighting control software available. With the recent release of Hog 4 v4.0, it was an easy choice to use the Hog; its advanced color picker and virtual color mixing technologies allowed us to achieve seamless color matching for the WWE teaser.”

Reed utilized a Full Boar desk to control Elation 5r Extreme and ZFX Pros, as well as Aputure Nova P300, P600 and Astera Titan Tubes. Reed says that the project’s successful execution received great feedback from Diamond View Studios, exceeded their expectations, and enhanced the visual impact of the WWE WrestleMania XL Teaser Trailer.