Equilaland – the world’s first horse theme park, chooses ETC

Date Posted: 11/29/2018


Munich’s latest leisure attraction Equilaland is the first to open worldwide and earlier this year, ETC’s Mosaic architectural control system and lighting fixtures were selected to illuminate the entire park. 

The new attraction, which hosts a variety of activities including impressive riding displays, museums and a cinema, is spread across an area of 50,000 square metres, making the technical requirements particularly challenging. 


German rental company Scheinwurf was responsible for the event technology and selected ETC’s Mosaic system to network light, sound and video in seven of the show areas within the theme park. Head of lighting Peter Platz, commented how the Mosaic system “was tailor-made for (their) needs: versatile, expandable and user-friendly.”

Tablets were integrated into the Mosaic system which are carried by tour guides around the park. With these, the guides are able to control and dim the lights easily, as well as regulate sound, music and videos around the theme park. The option to expand the system is also an advantage of Mosaic as there is flexibility to install the larger Paradigm system by ETC, should they want to increase the scale of control in the future.


The team at Scheinwurf also selected ETC’s Irideon fixtures for the theme park, including 40 FPZ and 110 WLZ models, both emitting an exceptional output of light with a variety of colour temperatures. "The Irideon WLZ architectural fixtures provide a soft beam angle of light with a built-in rotating zoom adjustment which is used in the stables. The Irideon FPZ spotlights are efficiently used where gobo projections are needed,” notes Platz.  


ColorSource Spot and ColorSource PAR fixtures were set up across the theme park in both the ‘Children’s University’ and cinema areas. "The ColorSource PAR spotlights are the main source of lighting in the cinema. At the university, the vibrant colours of the ColorSource range creates a bright and exciting atmosphere for our visitors,” states Platz. In total there are currently 20 ColorSource PAR fixtures and 10 ColorSource Spot luminaires in action at Equilaland.

After completing the project, Peter Platz comments positively on the results: "We have created an overall technical system that more than meets the requirements thanks to ETC’s Mosaic architectural system. We couldn’t have imagined a better outcome for the launch of the world’s first horse theme park.”