ETC welcomes Chris Patton as Marketing product manager for architectural luminaires

Date Posted: 5/8/2017

Chris Patton

On May 1st, Chris Patton officially joined ETC as the Marketing product manager for architectural luminaires. Patton has been an unofficial part of the ETC family since 2014, when ETC and GDS formed a partnership for the American production and distribution of ArcSystem, BluesSystemand CueSystem families. As a GDS employee, Patton contracted with ETC to serve as the marketing product manager for GDS by ETC products. In his new role, Patton will continue to oversee these marketing efforts, while also working to bring ETC’s unique fixture technologies into the commercial sector.

Patton has a long history with the lighting industry, both in his native UK and internationally. Prior to the GDS-ETC partnership, he was based in London as the International Sales Manager for GDS, where he worked to promote GDS expansion into North America. He also spent many years with UK-based dealer Stage Electrics, heading up the theatrical projects rental division and eventually setting up a new international trade division that supplied gear to high-profile projects like the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Patton will continue to work from his current desk in ETC’s New York office. “Chris Patton brings insight, expertise, and enthusiasm to the team and we are excited to have him join the family officially,” says David Hilton, ETC’s product marketing manager. “ETC is doing a lot of exciting things with LEDs in the entertainment market and Mr. Patton is the perfect person to help parlay this into architectural applications.”