ETC supports Night of Light’s call to save event industry

Date Posted: 6/17/2020

Night of Light

ETC and High End Systems participated in the ‘Night of Light’ initiative this week, a scheme created to highlight the dramatic impact of the global pandemic on the live event industry. 

Across Germany, over 9000 buildings and landmarks were lit in red to mark a call for help to save the event industry. ETC lit the historic mining tower in Hausham – close to the ETC GmbH office in Holzkirchen – as part of the ‘Night of Light’s’ nationwide display. The 40-metre-high monument was lit by ETC’s Source Four LED Series 2 Daylight HD, Source Four PAR, Source Four XT HID, ColorSource Spot, ColorSource PAR and High End Systems SolaPix 19 fixtures.

The initiator of the project, Tom Koporek from LK-AG Essen commented: “The event industry will not survive the next 100 days. The current conditions and restrictions make the financial set-up of events virtually impossible.” Alongside the organizers who have been greatly affected by the pandemic, there are also around one million employees and an industry that generates over ten billion euros at stake.

Night of Light

ETC and High End Systems recognize the threat of the pandemic to this industry, and along with many other companies, supports the ‘Night of Light’s’ mission to draw attention to this and its appeal to politicians for help.

Rosi Marx, European Marketing Manager at ETC GmbH adds: “It was clear to us that we would be involved in the 'Night of Light' initiative and support their demonstration - to the public and the government - that the industry is at risk.”