ETC’s Source Four Mini LED luminaires are now available on Edison Price Lighting’s track

Date Posted: 12/22/2016

The Source Four Mini™ LED luminaire

Thanks to a recent agreement between ETC and the New-York-based architectural lighting manufacturer Edison Price Lighting, customers are now able to outfit their Edison Price track with ETC’s Source Four Mini™ LED luminaries. 

Edison Price Lighting sells high-end track for museums and other applications that require framing projection. The Source Four Mini LED, which features three-plane shutters, adjustable beam edges and interchangeable lens tubes in multiple field angles, is ideal for highlighting artwork and architecture in these installations. "Edison Price offer a full range track and fixture line, but have not had a small framing projector available for their track system," explains Bryan Palmer, Architectural Market Manager at ETC. "ETC is always looking to expand the use of our products, and the addition of this fixture to the Edison Price track offering is a great fit."

Under the agreement, Edison Price purchases Source Four Mini LED luminaires from ETC and installs their proprietary track adapters. The sale of these finished goods is then handled by Edison Price as part of their track lighting line. Sale of all other Source Four Mini products - including those with canopy mounts or DataTrack® adapters – continues to be handled by ETC’s reps and dealers. With Edison Price Lighting’s track fitter as an additional option, even more venues will be able to show their installations in the best possible light with these high-quality luminaires.