ETC products named to IES Progress Report

Date Posted: 8/29/2019

PhaseAdept Dimmers

Two of ETC’s products were selected for the 2019 IES Progress Report. Since the Progress Report celebrates products that an impartial panel of the Illumination Engineering Society finds worthy based on a product’s “uniqueness, innovation, and significance to the lighting industry,” inclusion in the Progress Report is a mark of genuine achievement. ETC is proud to announce that their DataTrack Backbone and PhaseAdept dimming module were selected for the 2019 Report. 

“We’re happy about the recognition and take it as further proof that ETC offers creative, technically-advanced solutions,” said Chris Patton, Architectural Market Manager for ETC. “The DataTrack Backbone and PhaseAdept module are both first-of-their-kind products, and offer unique advantages for lighting systems.” 

DataTrack Backbone

ETC’s DataTrack Backbone is a strong, H-shaped aluminum extrusion attached to DataTrack track lighting hardware. This allows rigid surface mounting to building structures on spans up to 10 feet with standard Unistrut hardware. The first product of its kind, the DataTrack Backbone allows for full-sized, long-throw fixtures to be used with track lighting and installed in high-bay applications like museums where clean design and maximum lumens are needed.

The IES Progress Report selected ETC’s new PhaseAdept dimming module for its extreme compatibility, even with decades-old ETC equipment, which gives venues the ability to update their fixtures without having to update their dimming and control infrastructure. PhaseAdept produces high-quality, low-voltage dimming for LED fixtures and lamps over existing wiring. It features forward- and reverse-phase dimming options, and has multiple dimming curve settings. Remote configuration for the unit is available; manual configuration is available directly at the dimmer module for legacy systems.