ETC networking training draws a crowd

Date Posted: 3/7/2017

Training attendees

On Friday, February 10th, ETC held a free training on networking at the GST/Coda Audio showroom in Moscow. More than a dozen project engineers and lighting operators from the live-event and theater industries attended the Networking for Lighting Technicians course and went home with a new understanding of networking protocols, software and hardware, and networking for lighting systems.

Networking for Lighting Professionals

ETC Service Technician Corey D. Cascio and Technical Sales Specialist Vladimir Kraynov led the course, which covered the use of DMX and RDM, as well as ArtNet, ACN and sACN. Attendees were able to get hands-on experience with configuration and monitoring software and learn about IP addressing. Cascio and Kraynov also gave participants an overview of how to troubleshoot lighting-network problems. In the end, everyone who attended the class earned a certificate.

ETC networking training

“Knowledge of networking is becoming more and more necessary, and the Networking for Lighting Technicians course helps technicians be prepared,” describes Cascio. “This training gives them a basic understanding of networking, so they can go back to work and immediately apply what they learned.”

In addition to its monthly console-training courses, ETC is planning to host more networking trainings in the future. To stay informed of upcoming classes, visit

Photos courtesy of Yulya Pleshan