ETC lights up Ballet Philippines' 50th Anniversary

Date Posted: 9/18/2019

ETC Lights up Ballet Philippines 50th Anniversary

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Ballet Philippines, the premier ballet company of the country. ETC is happy to be part of the celebration by providing lighting equipment to the celebratory ballet production, “Swan Lake.” Jennifer Tipton, renowned American lighting designer completed the lighting design for the production. Scenic design credit goes to the US-based Filipino set designer Eduardo “Toto” Sicangco. 

The ballet production ran August and September 2019, in the Main Theater of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). The Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr augments the lighting inventory of the Cultural Center. ETC’s x7 Color System brightens up the theatre, further enriched the color rendering, creating stronger audience reactions with deeper, richer dramatic scenes. 

ETC Lights up Ballet Philippines 50th Anniversary

With support from the Asian Cultural Council, Jennifer Tipton hosted several masterclasses for young and promising Asian lighting designers. Participants interacted with Tipton and experienced live demonstrations of lighting, focusing, and plotting a rig.

ETC Lights up Ballet Philippines 50th Anniversary

Apart from the anniversary activities of Ballet Philippines, ETC held a two-day Eos console training session with the Cultural Center of the Philippines, in Manila. Attendees learned basic and advanced skills on Eos consoles, delivered by ETC trainer, Audrey Leung.

ETC was honored to be such a large part of this celebratory event.