ETC expands Unison architectural control family with Echo lighting control system

Date Posted: 6/3/2014

Echo lighting control system

Classrooms, office buildings, retail outlets, hotels and more can now have access to professional-quality, low-cost lighting control with plug-and-play flexibility. ETC's new Unison Echo lighting control system is a sophisticated yet uncomplicated family of architectural-lighting solutions that can fit installations of any size and budget.

"Unison Echo is a full-featured system that meets today's requirements for control and energy standards," says Bryan Palmer, ETC's architectural marketing manager. "The product line includes both user controls and power controls that can be customized to any application."

Inspire™ stations are the elegant face of the Echo system. They come in a range of button and fader options, and can be easily programmed for preset or custom lighting looks. The stations work in cooperation with energy-saving Echo Responsive Controls, which include light sensors that perform daylight harvesting to harness natural light and adjust lighting levels accordingly, and occupancy/vacancy sensors that ensure a space is lit only when it's in use.

The flexible infrastructure of the EchoConnect protocol means that Echo power-control products can be installed quickly, without complex commissioning, in any configuration. With panel and distributed versions for convenient room- and zone-based lighting, the power controllers can raise and lower lighting levels using distributed system intelligence with no central point of failure.

"The Echo system is designed to work in modern venues that use a mix of light sources," describes Palmer. "The Echo Phase-Adaptive Dimmer supports any load type, from tungsten to LED and fluorescent to magnetic and even electronic transformers. An Echo system is also a great choice for buildings that need to meet current energy codes, including ASHRAE 90.1, CA Title 20/24 and IECC, as the products comply with those regulations."

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Note: Echo products are currently only available for the North American market.