ETC and GDS announce new partnership details

Date Posted: 12/14/2018

ArcSystem Family

ETC, Inc. and Global Design Solutions Ltd. (GDS) today announced a development of their successful partnership. Since 2015, ETC has been manufacturing and selling GDS-designed products in North and South America. Under a new agreement this relationship is expanded. ETC has acquired the ArcSystem, BluesSystem and CueSystem product lines from GDS.

There is no immediate change for customers of the two companies: ETC makes and sells the products in North America; and GDS remains as the maker and seller of these products in the rest of the world. In August 2019 ETC will take over manufacture and distribution of these product lines worldwide.

“Following this new agreement together, we will see GDS move forward into a new, exciting stage of expansion. We are, as a company, more focused than ever before to bring new problem-solving products to our customers. We look forward to working with ETC in the future combining our technical expertise for the benefit of the industry,” comments GDS Managing Director, Richard Cuthbert.

David Lincecum, ETC Vice President of Marketing adds, “ETC plans to expand our work in architectural lighting throughout the world, and bringing these GDS products under the ETC banner is the leading edge of that strategy. We look forward to assisting customers around the world in their migration to architectural LED lighting. GDS have designed great products and we are pleased to take them over in 2019.”

For the near-future, GDS customers can continue to develop projects and procure ArcSystem, BluesSystem and CueSystem products via existing GDS sales channels and Matt Lloyd continues to be involved with the sales and promotion of these products. As the transition date nears, GDS and ETC will work with customers to migrate orders and quotations to ETC. Customers can be assured that all investments in these products are well placed and sound for the future. ETC and GDS will continue to develop and service these products for customers around the world.