ETC Unison® headlines Shanghai architectural lighting forum

Date Posted: 1/10/2014

Shanghai architectural lighting forum

On November 29th, more than 80 lighting designers and experts from the Shanghai district attended the forum 'Light, Art and Creativity - Introduction of ETC Luminaire Technology and Lighting Application,' held by ETC's official dealer Hangzhou YiDaShi and the Shanghai Lighting Designer Club. Hangzhou YiDaShi CEO Jianbo Wu (J.B. Wu) and Technical Director Jianwei Wu (J.W. Wu) talked about the ETC Unison system and how it is used in architectural lighting applications.

J.B. Wu presented several ETC installations, such as Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque (also known as the Grand Mosque), Maryland's National Harbor Resort and Convention Center, and Palazzo Las Vegas, and explained how the powerful function and stable performance of the Unison system, Source Four® fixtures, and Selador® Desire® and Selador Classic™ luminaires create a unique work of art that suits the technical and aesthetic environment.

J.B. Wu focused on the Grand Mosque installation and how ETC control products were used to accomplish lighting that mimics the phases of the moon. The whole project uses more than 1,200 fixtures, including Source Fours; 21 ETC Congo Light Servers™ ; 15 Unison Paradigm® processors; 52 customized dimming racks containing almost 2,300 circuits; and 276 ETCNet3™ DMX/RDM Gateways .

J.W. Wu described the Unison architectural control family, and the Paradigm, Mosaic® and SmartLink® lines, which offer different lighting solutions to fit any budget and venue size. Each Unison system allows for local control of lighting, from LCD touchscreen panels, button stations, fader stations and light sensors, and comes with multiple interface devices, so third-party equipment can easily connect to the system.

Shiyin Wang, director of OVLD Lighting Industry College, summarizes the event: "This forum provided a great opportunity to broaden my understanding of ETC, its products and its architectural lighting control philosophy of integrating art and creativity into each installation."