ETC Source Four Dimmer hits the catwalk in St. Petersburg

Date Posted: 7/30/2014

Saint Petersburg Fashion Week

Some classic looks never go out of style. Tungsten lighting is one of them. That's why Art-Festival, a special events company in Russia, chose to use 180 ETC Source Four fixtures with attached Source Four Dimmers on a recent series of high-end fashion shows in St. Petersburg.

Aurora Fashion Week

Art-Festival wanted the best light to accentuate the work of the Russian and international fashion designers. "We looked at all leading international fashion shows for direction," says Armin Kloss, ETC's regional sales manager for Eastern Europe. "After extensively testing modern professional-lighting sources, we opted for a classic solution. Our tungsten Source Four fixtures delivered great results during the tests, while LED fixtures from other manufacturers weren't bright enough and not up to the level of the conventional Source Fours."

Aurora Fashion Week - 2

Due to the large number of fixtures clustered close together on the lighting rigs, Art-Festival wanted a flexible solution that would require very little cabling, so they decided to use Source Four Dimmers with ES (Electronic Silent) technology to provide per-fixture distributed dimming. The CE version of the Source Four Dimmer turns the 750-watt Source Four into more than 1,200 watts of light, outperforming 230-volt, 1,200-watt condenser profiles. And because the Source Four Dimmer is attached directly to the Source Four fixture, it eliminates the need for a centralized dimmer. "Source Four fixtures fit the demands of this type of installation the best," explains Art-Festival General Director Kirill Korobov. "In addition, the Source Four Dimmer is the most durable, state-of-the-art and economical option on the market in St. Petersburg when it comes to energy consumption."

DLT Fashion Show

The Source Four fixtures and Source Four Dimmers have gotten a lot of turns on the runway this season, having lit Saint Petersburg Fashion Week, Aurora Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Day Saint Petersburg, DLT Fashion Show, and Elle Fashion Days. 

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Day Saint Petersburg