ETCnomad builds a fan base at the Edinburgh Festival

Date Posted: 10/9/2014

ETC Nomad Puck being used to control lighting at the Edinburgh Festival

ETC's recently-introduced ETCnomad Puck™ - a tiny, self-contained computer that takes the place of either an Eos®-family or Cobalt®-family lighting desk - has been making a name for itself at the Edinburgh Festival.

The Pleasance, a Fringe venue with 23 different performance spaces, originally used a SmartFade® - ETC's smallest console - in one of their spaces. But when Calder Sibbald from ETC's Edinburgh-based dealer Black Light offered them a ETCnomad Puck for use instead, they decided to give it a try, especially given the extra power it would bring.

ETC Nomad Puck mini-controller

Over at the Forth Children's Theatre, lighting designer Grant Anderson - who had programmed the lighting for two Edinburgh shows on an ETC Ion® desk - was delighted when he could upload his show file for one to a ETCnomad Puck, while the other could remain on the Ion: "I already had the Eos show files for Les Misérables ," he says, "so it was a great relief when I was able to replot using just a touchscreen, keyboard and mouse plugged into the side of the Puck, which was hidden out of view to save space. We were using 12 moving lights, as well as 30 ETC Source Four LED Lustr+ fixtures , which the Puck handled really well. As a designer, the new Eos software made it really simple to program with, even during the dress rehearsal."