ETC Desire LED gives Royal Danish Playhouse an extra sparkle

Date Posted: 10/26/2015

Royal Danish Playhouse stage tower

ETC's Danish dealer Bico has replaced 40 aging and energy-inefficient halogen fixtures which light the stage tower of the Royal Danish Playhouse - with just 17 ETC Selador® Desire® D60XTI Lustr®+ LED fixtures .

Bico's lighting designer Hans Henrik Schmidt says: "Originally, the tower was lit by some 40kW of lighting; the management were keen to reduce power consumption, so cut that by half, but were then, of course, disappointed with the output quality.

"After talking to us about how they could obtain the same high quality of lighting, but with lower power usage, we offered them 17 of the outdoor ETC Desire fixtures , which use a combined total of little more than two kilowatts."

Royal Danish Playhouse stage tower

Using an ETCnomad™ system , Schmidt was able to create a look that could be stored directly in the Desire fixtures. At night, all that the end users need to do is turn on the power and the Desire system will come on at the desired brightness and color without the need for an additional external control system.

ETCnomad is a standalone dongle which plugs into the USB slot of a computer and runs ETC Eos® or Cobalt® software, so that lighting can be programmed and played back anywhere. 

With the Selador fixtures giving the copper clad stage tower extra sparkle, it is now just as eye catching as the glazed theater foyer and the river whose banks the Playhouse is on.