ETC Commits to Protecting All Employees

Date Posted: 3/27/2020

As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to upend normal life and business worldwide, ETC is no exception. In order to plan for the safety and security of all employees in their worldwide offices, ETC is taking proactive steps to protect each and every employee. Starting the week of March 30, ETC will move all employees to a reduced work schedule. This move allows ETC to maintain solid financial footing, while continuing to provide insurance, benefits, and a salary to employees during this uncertain time.

“The action that we’ve taken today preserves our ability to continue to pay everyone, during a time when we don’t know if everyone can come to work,” said David Lincecum, Vice President of Marketing at ETC. “We’re doing this to protect the company and all our employees, who are our number one priority.”

Lincecum reiterated that ETC will remain open during the course of the pandemic, providing technical support to all their customers, including critical government, health, and broadcast institutions. Additionally, ETC mobilized to design and produce personal protection equipment for medical personnel. ETC has also taken extreme protective measures to ensure the safety of their workers in manufacturing and will continue to ship its core lighting, lighting and power controls, and rigging equipment to the best of their ability, pending restrictions in the global supply chain.

ETC will continue its education and outreach activities to keep their customers engaged and learning, so that they, too, can come out of this period stronger as well.

“Our future continues to look very strong,” Lincecum added. “We are going to continue supporting our customers, shipping our products, and developing new products. When this crisis has passed, and the world is ready, we will be able to propel ourselves and all our valued partners forward, stronger than we were before.”