ETC 25/8 uses power of time travel to expand 24/7 tech support service

Date Posted: 4/1/2021

ETC 25-8 App

ETC has long offered world-class technical support available to customers 24/7. Today, the company expands this service with the introduction of a new app, ETC 25/8. Using space-time-bending technology, ETC 25/8 warns lighting professionals (and, frankly, amateurs) of future problems before they even happen.

Years of future research conducted by ETC’s Advance Research Group led to the breakthrough in time-traveling technology. The ETC team was quick to begin brainstorming how best to use this revolutionary innovation to serve the lighting community.

“Of course, our knee-jerk reaction was to use this technology to go back to 2019 and prevent the global pandemic,” says Luke Delwiche, ETC Market Manager. “Somehow, we managed to make it even worse. So, we pivoted to a focus on small, inconsequential problems and pithy commentary.”

Further experimenting with the time-traveling solution confirmed that ETC could safely modify past occurrences relating to live event productions. Now, ETC’s tech support team is equipped to solve any problem past or present. With AI-assisted, automated messages, ETC 25/8 alerts lighting designers and programmers of tech issues they are about to have, preventing them from ever happening.

Users can customize their ETC 25/8 experience with the voices of their favorite ETC staff members. From friendly Sasha Aranow to authoritative Noah Zimonick, all ETC staff members A-Z are available for voice selection.

Thanks to time travel, it is entirely irrelevant when the app will become available for download. To see the power of this innovative service in action, watch the video below.

Note: ETC 25/8 is intended for professional use only. The app will not be used to address personal problems such as preventing late-night texts to your ex, burning your mouth on Totino’s Pizza Rolls, or accidentally saying “love you” to your doctor when ending a phone conversation.