Chris Tomlin and TLS Productions, Inc. Tour HES Rig

Date Posted: 11/4/2021

Chris Tomlin

Multi-platinum selling Christian artist Chris Tomlin toured throughout August and September with touring support from TLS Productions, Inc., who provided a variety of High End Systems automated fixtures for the dates. Kari Jobe and Bethel Music joined Tomlin on the tour. Leading up to the release of Tomlin’s Emmanuel: Christmas Songs Of Worship last month, the shows used an expansive rig of HES SolaPix 7 and 18, SolaFrame 3000, SolaHyBeam 3000, and SolaWash 2000 fixtures.

TLS Productions, Inc. supplied the lighting, rigging, video and LED package, and pre-production took place in Nashville. LED and Video were supplied through TLS sister company H&X Technologies. Production Designer was Cory Edwards and Christian Hahn was Tomlin’s LD. Michael Keller served as the lighting crew chief, joined by Lighting Second Steve Strauss, Tour Rigger Harry Gray, Video Director Mark Stustman, Video Engineer David Cruz, and LED Wall Tech William Sherman. TLS Production Productions, Inc. Account Executive was Tim Kruse.

The rig used three standard trusses – each with six SolaWash 2000 and four SolaFrame 3000 fixtures evenly spaced. SolaPix 7 units were positioned on the downstage bar and rolled up into the truss for transit, wired and in position for the next show, which Keller says was really helpful. Each truss held 10 SolaPix 7, six washes and four spots; the downstage truss featured an additional eight SolaPix. Hahn’s design also called for side torms – two 8’ trusses – each with three SolaPix 19 fixtures. The floor package consisted of eight SolaHyBeam 3000 and six SolaPix 19.

This show focused on a color palette of amber, CTO, CTB, white, and yellow / lavender. Lighting cues were run via time code for Tomlin’s set. Keller comments that the High End fixtures performed flawlessly, saying ‘this is the first tour I’ve seen where the lighting guys weren’t backstage fixing lights!”

“Everyone’s been very happy with the results, and I love the Frame and HyBeam fixtures. The HyBeam has the fatness of a 3500, the output is extremely nice, and the color system is phenomenal; I think you get all the saturated colors you’d ever want, which is awesome. The SolaPix 7 and 19 were also great fixtures – been very happy with them. The indigo you can get out of them gets that very special kind of purple.”