Artist uses ETC Selador to make his paintings ‘pop’

Date Posted: 10/30/2014

ETC light up artwork by Jonas Burgert

Lighting director Franck Evin has used 40 ETC Selador® Desire® D22 luminaires in a London art gallery to make the colors in the artwork 'pop.' "Using ETC Selador LED is a radical way to fix the lights. It looks fantastic!" he says.

The challenge Evin faced was that the painter, Berlin-based Jonas Burgert, likes to paint in big, bold colors. To make the colors really stand out, he needed something that would generate bright and vibrant but well-balanced light, without the heat that would typically be generated by traditional light sources.

Stück Hirn Blind exhibition

After a number of tests with different fixtures, he decided on Desire D22 Lustr+ arrays, which produces a wide range of colors, from deeply saturated hues, to subtle pastels and whites. Setup was made easy by the fact that the luminaires can be programmed at the touch of a button on the back of each lamp.

ETC at London's Blain Southern gallery

Evin points out that with traditional LED fixtures, it would be difficult to achieve a balanced white. "Jonas is a specialist in mixing colors," says Evin, "making them appear very dreamy. He is working with a new technique, with several different layers; that's why they look so good with these lamps. He loves them, because it's the first time you can really see the colors. It's a different way to show the paintings."

"These fixtures are a great investment for the gallery," continues Evin. "We did a test with the Selador D22s and traditional Source Four fixtures. But the D22s were smaller and lighter, and the light they produced was ideal for our needs."

ETC Selador® Desire® D22 Lustr+ luminaires

Jonas Burgert's exhibition, Stück Hirn Blind , is on at London's Blain Southern gallery in Hanover Square until 22 November.

A video showing the installation of the Desire D22 luminaires and the opening of the exhibition is available on ETC's YouTube channel at .