JTSE 2017

JTSE 2017
November 21, 2017 9:30 AM - November 22, 2017 6:30 PM Paris, France Stands 140-141/162-163
Dock Pullman
Porte de la Chapelle

Once again, ETC is set to collaborate with distributor Avab Transtechnik France for the annual JTSE show, taking place at Les Docks de Paris on 21-23 November. Visitors to the Avab Transtechnik France stand – 140-141/162-163, Dock Pullman – will have the opportunity to check out some of the latest lighting solutions from ETC. Meanwhile, JTSE lighting’s Black Box No 7, Dock Eiffel, will also be dedicated to ETC products, giving visitors a chance to test some of the best lighting equipment in optimal conditions.

Available for demonstrations in both spaces, you’ll find ETC’s newest releases: the recently launched Ion Xe console, the brand new ColorSource CYC, and Cobalt version 8.0 software.

Ion Xe

With compact footprints and full-featured Eos software, the new Ion Xe and Ion Xe 20 consoles bring award-winning programming power to smaller venues. Since the new consoles feature the same backlit keyboard layout as their larger Eos family siblings, workflow can transfer seamlessly from desk to desk. Accompanying the consoles are the new Eos Fader Wings which provide 20 or 40 standard faders in handy, USB-connectable modules that match – and are compatible with – all the latest Eos family hardware.

Cobalt version 8.0 software

Engineered for lighting on-the-fly, the Cobalt line of control was designed to rid the lighting process of unnecessary keystrokes and complicated syntax. Cobalt software version 8.0 introduces several key features and improvements, including a new multi-console network structure; a redesigned graphic interface; a clone feature to copy show data from a single channel to other channels; and a completely new Magic Sheet engine, giving users quicker and more manageable control of their rig.

ColorSource CYC

ColorSource CYC, a purpose-built cyclorama light, is bright, compact and affordable. It’s also the first ColorSource fixture to add a fifth colour to its LED array, incorporating indigo with the RGB-L mix to achieve rich, theatrical hues. The CYC will be joining fellow family members at the show, including ColorSource Spot, PAR and Linear fixtures; ColorSource AV control desk; and ColorSource Relay and ThruPower power control solutions.

In addition to the new releases, highlights in Black Box No 7 will include Source Four LED Series 2 luminaires, featuring ETC’s acclaimed x7 Color System; the architectural luminaire Irideon FPZ; and, from ETC Rigging, Prodigy P2 hoist and QuickTouch controller. At both the stand and the Black Box, knowledgeable teams from ETC and Avab Transtechnik France will be on hand to provide demonstrations and to answer all of your questions.