Fred Foster Student Mentorship Program

  • What do previous recipients have to say about the program?

    “ETC is never shy about promoting young designers, and the events they arranged proved to be very valuable opportunities for me to gain exposure in the lighting world. It is apparent that ETC takes great pride in giving next generation of lighting professionals a healthy start.”

    -- Nick Diaz

    “I’ve always been aware of the great family of products that ETC brings to showcase at LDI, but after interacting with these professionals, I saw the strongest element to ETC’s continued success. ETC showcases their family, the individuals who constantly strive to provide the users with the best equipment at the best price. ETC has become not only a product line I can count on, exceeding expectations, but now a resource of individuals that I can utilize to improve myself for decades to come.”

    -- Charles F. Perry

    “The mentoring program for me has been a great way to connect with one of the coolest people I now know and get to hear about a side of the industry I'm not familiar with. Now that I'm out of school, such a mentor in the professional world becomes a great advisor when no other is there.”

    -- Angelina Vyushkova

    “I feel like I was given a skeleton key to ask questions and learn from anyone in the industry. I'm looking forward to seeing where all these open doors take me.”

    -- Daphne Mir

    “I will never forget the incredible people that I met at the student dinner. The idea that industry professionals like those and a company like ETC would care enough about their industry to give back their time and money to help me grow is a truly wonderful thing.”

    -- Ben J. Golden

    “The ETC Student Sponsorship was an indescribably wonderful and unforgettable experience, opening a whole new world of opportunities. It was ‘networking’ on a whole new level – from ACN in cutting-edge technology to networking with industry professionals!”

    -- Gustav Barnard

    "Not only did I get to meet people whose books I’ve read and referred to countless times, I actually got to speak to them about what to do next. My eyes were opened to the huge number of possibilities available for a lighting designer."

    -- Porsche McGovern

    “The ETC LDI Sponsorship is a unique opportunity for students to meet industry professionals at ETC and in all areas of the lighting industry, including theatrical and architectural design, sales and manufacturing. Not only are there many opportunities to network, there is also time to explore the tradeshow floor and take advantage of the diverse seminars offered to LDI participants with full conference passes.”

    -- Jen Goldstein

    “LDI was a very fruitful experience for my professional development. The backstage tours offered new possibilities of lighting design concepts and problem solving. The ETC student reception introduced us to some of the most important and successful people in the field, who shared their experiences, guided by their advice and opened the door to great possibilities.”

    -- Marihan Mehelba

    "Anyone at LDI can see the latest and greatest products, but what makes the ETC Student Sponsorship program truly amazing is the behind-the-scenes view of the conference from a company that truly cares about its people, and the opportunity to meet and get advice from a 'who's who' of today's entertainment industry!"

    -- Jason Read

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