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  • Steve Terry

    Director of Standards and Industry Relations

    Steve Terry’s professional career began with the Dance Theatre of Harlem, where he toured internationally as their production electrician. In 1976, Terry was responsible for the first computerized lighting-control system on Broadway, for A Chorus Line. That year he also became the executive vice president and chief engineer for Production Arts Lighting, which was acquired by PRG in 1998.

    A longtime consultant to ETC, Terry joined ETC’s ranks in 2001 as vice president of Professional Services. In 2004, he became the vice president of Research and Development, and in 2017, he accepted the new role of director of standards and industry relations.

    Terry works with industry codes and standards to accommodate a quickly-changing lighting technology industry. He is an active resource for ETC customers, specifiers, and consultants on system design, code, and technology issues.

    During his career, Terry has been a major visionary force behind some of most significant technical advances in the field. He authored the design specification for the first fully digital high-density dimmer rack for touring. In 1986, he chaired the USITT (United States Institute for Theatre Technology) committee that created the now globally accepted DMX512 standard for digital communications in lighting systems. He also founded and was the first chair of the USITT National Electrical Code Committee, and was appointed as a member of NEC Code Panel 15 in 1994.

    In 2006, Terry was inducted as a fellow of USITT. He was a founding member of the ESTA (Entertainment Services and Technology Association) Technical Standards program and co-chaired the ESTA Control Protocols Working Group that developed the state-of-the-art ACN and RDM control protocols. He is also a member of the ESTA Technical Standards Council, the ESTA Electrical Power Working Group, and many Underwriters Laboratories Standards Technical Panels. He is an ETCP-certified electrician and an ETCP-recognized electrical trainer.

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  • Steve Terry