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  • Jake Dunnum

  • Jake Dunnum

    Vice President of Commercial and Industrial Operations

    Jake Dunnum earned a bachelor of science in math, physics, and computer science from Carroll University in 1999. His experience in software development, computer systems administration and theater have served him well in a number of capacities at ETC over the years, from phone support to systems design, product steering and marketing. He joined the company in 2000, as a technical support specialist and worked as a technical support engineer before becoming the marketing product manager for dimming and power control in 2006.

    In 2016 Dunnum became the General Manager of Business Development where he helped lead in the creation of automated lighting for ETC and the acquisition of High End Systems. As the Vice President of Commercial and Industrial Operations, Dunnum’s focus is on expanding commercial and industrial business markets including the Penko and Echoflex offices.

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