Response Gateway

  • Response 0-10V Gateway
    Response 4-Port Gateway Single

    4-Port Response Gateway

    Light, sleek, and affordable

    ETC's Response 4 Port gateway is a DMX/RDM distribution device built on the quality and reliability of ETC's network development. This gateway is perfect for networking systems using the industry standard streaming ACN™ (sACN) protocol and is compatible with mounting and power supply accessories available for other DMX/RDM gateways.

    In the same manner as other ETC 4 Port gateways, it uses bidirectional Ethernet communication with other network devices to send or receive DMX512 data and RDM messages. It’s available for use as a table-top, rack-mount, or pipe-mounted device.

    Unlike the original Net3 line of Four Port gateways, the Response 4 Port gateway does not have interchangeable sleds. This creates a lighter, and more affordable product. The following models are available as standard:

    • 4-DMX out
    • 4-DMX XLR in
    • 3-DMX out, 1-DMX in
    • 4 XLR RJ45 ports
    • 4-DMX terminals
    • 4-DMX terminals DIN rail Format