• CEM+ Will Not Hold a Configuration

    If a CEM+ processor will not hold a configuration and keeps going back to the “No Config/Generate Defaults” screen, check the rack number. The screen will read:

    No Config R #/#
    Generate Defaults

    If the rack number is 2 (or higher) /0, you will need to Abort Boot to clear the rack number. The CEM+ processor will then hold the configuration that you give it. To Abort Boot, hold the double back arrow (<<) while resetting or powering the rack on until you see “Abort Boot” on the screen. It will then come up to the “No Config/Generate Defaults” screen with a Rack number of 1/0. You can then set the rack as needed.

    If your processor shows a rack number of 1/0 and still will not hold a configuration, or Abort Boot does not help, please contact ETC Technical Services.