Echo Vacancy Sensor

The Echo Vacancy Sensor is a ceiling mounted sensor that utilizes passive infrared (PIR) technology, providing reliable vacancy detection for lighting control. The sensor relies on local station control for manual on and provides auto off functionality upon detection of vacancy. The Echo Vacancy Sensor provides 360 degree coverage of the installed location and is available in three models:

Echo Vacancy Sensor Coverage
E-VAC-SR Small room lens

450 sq. ft at 8 ft (41.8m2 at 2.4m)

800 sq. ft at 10 ft (74.3m2 at 6.65m)

E-VAC Standard room lens

1,800 sq. ft at 8 ft (167m2 at 2.4m)

3,000 sq. ft at 10 ft (279m2 at 3.04m)

E-VAC-HC High ceiling lens

300 sq. ft at 10 ft (32.5m2 at 3.04m)

7,000 sq. ft at 40 ft (650m2 at 12.2m)

Reference the Unison Echo Vacancy Sensor Installation Guide for information on installing this sensor. ETC documentation is available for free download from

Configuring the Vacancy Sensor

Note: Changes made to the Echo Vacancy Sensor configuration settings using the EchoAccess Mobile App impact the behavior of the sensor when Custom Config mode has been enabled (set to On). The Custom Config mode DIP switch is located on the circuit board (rear side), of the sensor . A sensor placed in Basic Config mode (Custom Config DIP switch set to Off) is unaffected by EchoAccess Mobile App custom configuration settings.

Set all values as desired using the keypad.

  • Occupancy Timeout - use the drop down menu to set the length of time the sensor waits before triggering the next action. Options include 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and Automatic.
  • Current Status (read only) - shows current status (either Vacant or Occupied) of the Space controlled by the sensor.
  • PIR Led Enabled - use the toggle switch to enable or disable the PIR Led. If enabled and occupancy is detected, the sensor PIR LED illuminates with each detected occupancy motion.
  • Walktest Activated - use the toggle switch to enable or disable the sensor's walktest feature. When walktest is enabled, physically walking through the space confirms the functional sensor range, illuminating the PIR LED with each detected occupancy motion.
  • Vacancy Sensor Event - use the drop down menu to set the event Action that will take place when vacancy is detected.
    • Available actions include Closed No Function, Preset Activate, Zone Set to Level, Space Off, and Space Set to Level. Additional menu options will display based on the Action selected (e.g., if the Action is set to Preset Active, Preset Number and Timing (in seconds) displays for specification.

Configuration Sharing

Five buttons are available at the bottom of the configuration screen.