• Windows® 7 Upgrade Eligibility for Eos, Congo, and Cobalt Family Consoles

    What it is

    An upgrade to Windows® 7 Embedded Standard, which includes a new hardware (motherboard, solid state drive, etc…) for some consoles in the Eos, Congo, and Cobalt family. Compatibility information is listed below. Note that if you have a Universal Fader Wing, there are some changes to consider  -- see “Things to Know” below.

    These upgrades are available beginning in mid-September 2014.

    How it happens

    Contact your local ETC Technical Services office for details. Have the serial numbers of your console and any fader wings handy so we can help you verify eligibility.

    For customers in the United States, consoles must be sent in on a repair order (RMA) arranged with an ETC dealer. Click here to find a dealer.


    In addition to a solid state drive, this will allow upgraded consoles to use a wider variety of touchscreens. For more information on compatible touchscreens, see this support article.

    What is Eligible

    The following consoles are eligible for an upgrade:

    1)  All Element and Congo Kid consoles are eligible.

    • Element eligibility

    Part number First eligible s/n for standard upgrade
    All Elements ALL!

    2)  Ion and Congo Jr consoles manufactured after July 24, 2009 (listed below) are eligible for the standard upgrade, which offers special pricing.   

    3)  Ion and Congo Jr consoles manufactured before July 24, 2009 can be upgraded, but are exempt from special pricing and warranty offerings. There is extra cost for this option. 

    • Ion eligibility based on P/N and S/N

    Part number Upgradable at extra cost First eligible s/n for standard upgrade
    4310A1012 433202099 and earlier 433202100
    4310A1013 433300225 and earlier 433300226
    4310A1014 433400310 and earlier 433400311
    4310A1015 433500004 and earlier 433500005
    4310A1016 433600024 and earlier 433600025

    • Congo jr eligibility based on P/N and S/N

    Congo Jr
    Part number Upgradable at extra cost First eligible s/n for standard upgrade
    4320A1001 402001009 and earlier 402001100
    4320A1102 412000023 and earlier 412000024


    3)  Congo Light Server, Ion RPU, and Net3 RVI with dual DVI connectors (no splitter) – Note: Consoles with a splitter are NOT eligible for this upgrade.

    • Congo Light Server based on P/N and S/N

    Congo Light Server
    Part number First eligible s/n
    7310A1021 Not eligible
    7310A1121 434001001
    7310A1022 Not eligible

    • Ion RPU based on P/N and S/N

    Ion RPU
    Part number First eligible s/n
    4310A1124 433701001
    4310A1024 Not eligible
    4310A1025 433710003
    4310A1026 433720029

    • Net3 RVI based on P/N and S/N

    Net3 RVI  
    Part number First eligible s/n
    4250A1117 418302001
    4250A1017 Not eligible


    4)  Eos RPU - Contact Technical Services for availability. Some additional setup time may be required.

    • Eos RPU based on P/N and S/N

    Eos RPU
    Part number First eligible s/n
    4250A1012 Not eligible
    4250A1112 417001001 (contact ETC Technical Services)
    4250A1060 419220001 (contact ETC Technical Services)
    4250A1013 418000075 (contact ETC Technical Services)
    4250A1025 418600004 (contact ETC Technical Services)
    4250A1026 Not eligible


    Things to know

    If you have an older Universal fader wing or Congo/Cobalt Master Playback Wing (without an orange USB connector on the back), your fader wing setup may change. Specifically, you would need to follow the connection guidelines for a USB 2.0 console listed in the Fader Wing Setup guide. The fader wing cannot be docked directly, and instead would need to be run with a separate USB cable to the console or pass through a USB 1.1 hub. 

    Fader wings with orange USB connectors (USB 2.0 compatible) can continue to be used as-is.

    Older fader wings may be upgraded to USB 2.0.  Please contact your local ETC Dealer or ETC Technical Services for more detail.

    When consoles are upgraded, the old hard drive in the unit will be replaced and not returned - showfiles on the old hard drive will be moved to the new hard drive. Be sure to back up your data as an extra precaution before sending it in. 


    Windows is a Registered Trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other Countries