• Upgrading Or Reloading Software Version 1.5 on an Idea 12/24/36/48 Console

    NOTE: This will clear all programmed information out of your console

    1. Put both files (etc.a03 & etcvid.a03) onto a Double-Sided/Double-Density formatted floppy disk.
    2. Turn the console off.
    3. Make note of the position of the (8) DIP switches on the back of the console so you can set them back to their starting position at the end of the procedure.
    4. Flip all of the DIP switches down.
    5. Turn on the power.  The console will boot into a special software menu.
    6. Press <F1> Erase Flash.  This will erase the software in the pertinent memory of the console.
    7. Put the disk with the software files (etc.a03 & etcvid.a03) into the disk drive.
    8. Press <F3> Prog Flash.  This will read the files from the disk drive and program the console software. This will take several minutes to complete.  The counter will pause periodically as more information is being read from the disk.
    9. Press <F2> Checksum.  This will run a check on the memory that was just programmed and will calculate a checksum for both the CPU and the video portions. It will display both checksums when it is done. This will take a minute or two to complete.
    10. Check the checksums to be sure they match for version 1.5: CPU=2515 VID=D879
    11. If they do not match, go back to step #6 and try it one more time.
    12. Turn off the console.
    13. Restore the DIP switch settings on the back of the console to be where they were prior to this procedure (as you marked down in step 3).
    14. Turn the console back on. 
      You're done!