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  • Updating DMX Devices via UpdaterAtor

    Most current ETC devices that do not have a network port can be updated via the UpdaterAtor Software and an ETC USB-RS485 Dongle. This is a purpose built tool that allows you to do updates via the USB connection on your computer into the 5-Pin DMX-In port on your ETC Device.

    UpdaterAtor Software is available for download for free from the main ETC website. Currently the software is only available for Windows OS. Please note that the UpdaterAtor software needs to be installed on your computer before using the USB-RS485 Dongle. Necessary drivers are downloaded and installed with UpdaterAtor software.

    The USB-RS485 Dongle is a 6 foot USB to 5-Pin XLR adaptor available for purchase from an ETC dealer as ETC part number 5000A1039. If you need help finding an ETC dealer in your area please contact ETC Technical Services.

    Step 1)   Launch UpdaterAtor on your Windows machine. When the dongle is connected to your computer via USB, an additional button, {USB/DMX Devices} will display on the main window display.

                                         Step 1

    Step 2)  Click {USB/DMX Devices} to update. The USB Update wizard will open. The wizard will guide you through the steps for updating.



    Step 3)  Make sure the 5 pin XLR connector on the dongle is connected to the device you wish to update, and that the device is powered on. Some products can be updated with more than one device on the DMX line. Once the cable is connected and the device is on, click {Next}.

    Step 4)  A display will open with all of the devices that can be updated via the dongle. Click the type of device you are trying to upgrade and click {Next}.

                Step 4

    Please Note, If the software for the device is not found on your computer, this warning will be displayed:

    Step 4b

    The software for the devices can be downloaded from the Setup Versions display, which is available if you close the wizard.

    Step 5)  A device upgrade screen will open with the option to update one or multiple devices. Then click the {Finish} button. The following screens will vary depending on product, the below example is for the Source 4 LED and Desire Product lines.

    Multiple devices can be updated if they are connected to each other via their DMX Thru to DMX In ports. If you elect to upgrade multiple devices at the same time, be aware that the updates will not happen concurrently, the next update will start after the previous one is finished.

     Step 5

    Once the software update begins, you will see a progress bar at the bottom of this screen. Please do not unplug Power or the USB-RS485 dongle until the software update is complete.

    Step 5b