• Unison Control Module Release Notes v1.55 Software-Public 

    This software changes the Ethernet drives so that 1.5 software will work with the new CPU boards used in CMEi modules.

    New Features
    No new features have been added.

    Defects Fixed
    No defects have been addressed in 1.55

    Software Defects
    Same as Version 1.5 see attached list.

    Installation Instructions
    1.5 instructions will be used. (7081L1016)

    Light Manager 1.5 manual will be used.  (7081M1011)

    Product Compatibility
    This software will be used in all control modules with the new CPU board.  CME, CMEd and CMEi will use 1.55.

    System Level Compatibility
    All system wide feature remain the same from 1.5 but all processors running ETCNet2 should be running the same software version and hardware revisions