• Unison Contol Module Light Manager Release Notes v1.65 Software-Public

    ETC Part number: 7081L1043

    Improvements, updates and known bugs in Light Manager 1.65.

    New Features in version 1.65
    - Loop Macro iterations
    - Multiple processor per room setting added
    - Field to Macro edits function
    - LCD jump to template lock codes
    - DMX start to room Wizard
    - SAP Baud rate- Network Setup window
    - EDMX support which includes:
     - I/O Patch
     - Split output patch
     - DMX support to 32,767
     - DMX Local priority
    - Remote processor Reboot
    - Configuration download over the network
    - Live Control configuration validation check
    - Sensor "Enable ETC link". If box is checked the ETCLink is enabled and user has access to the Sensor menu on the LCD.
    - Changed background save time and implementations
    - Auto reboot after configuration loads
    - Removed ability to use stations in Live Control
    - "Select Processor" added to Setup menu
    - Changed default DMX mode to Pile-on
    - Removed DMX Snapshot mode
    - Status bar shows Room
    - Network Time sync

    Bug fixes in 1.65
    - Rooms are larger than screen, when opened in PC with lower resolution
    - Manual Master
    - Presets disappear after Presets are played from EAC front panel
    - Macros can not "call" themselves
    - Removed Zone sourcing icons
    - Active Preset in Live Control tracks
    - Blank LCD Time-Out page selection
    - Cross-room control
    - Off toggle fixed with raise/lower
    - Wall fader stations only mimic out 0 and 100
    - Macro Direct On and Off buttons
    - Network Addressees flip

    Known bugs in version 1.65
    - Presets are added instead of using existing Presets
    - Includes default Day Type does not work
    - Replace if On in EDMX Admin needs to take control
    - Lock levels do not track template changes properly
    - Zone Select gives "P80" error
    - DMX Start, does not track universes nor processor start numbers
    - EDMX Snapshot does not update PC display
    - Selecting the Except for Presets does nothing
    - Hosted Faders do not work
    - Presets with 0 timing do not play
    - Active Macros prevent Presets from being played on the network
    - All Zones Off does not broadcast
    - Cannot delete timed events with invalid Presets

    SEE ATTACHMENT:  Unison Light Manager 1.65 Detail Letter